Entrepreneur and Social activist
Jimit shah is best known for his outgoing and socialite nature.


Jimit shah is born and brought up in Ahmedabad, he is the son of Mr. Mukesh shah, a very well known social worker in the area, he is the General Secretary of Gujarat State Panchayat Employees Federation and President of Ahmedabad District Panchayat Technical Employees Association.
Ever since he was a kid he has had an enormous interest in the politics.
Though an average student in school, Jimit spent hours in the library and was known as a good debater. In his free time, he loves to play chess and cricket. Apart from being a social activist, he is an entrepreneur; he is the director and founder of Risher Impex Pvt Ltd which is a marketing, consulting and trading company.

Dedication towards Politics:-

Politics has always been his keen interest, he always proved himself to be a good leader. He is best known for his outgoing behavior and being available for everyone to serve his best. Leadership is in his genes. He is the Paragon of how one can live for others.
In the year 2012, he was elected in the Senate of Undergraduate Commerce Faculty of Gujarat University by a majority of 80% votes of the students where he had the responsibility to handle and arrange welfare program for the students; undergraduate commerce stream covers almost one-half of the total students in the university.
In the year 2013, he got appointed as a joint secretary of All Indian Student Council, Ahmedabad. He continued doing his best and in April, 2016, he represented Australia labor party in Australia’s federal election.
He worked as a volunteer for Mr. Milton Dick in Oxley zone and played a very important role in winning the election. He was the leader of Asian origin people living in Queensland; his constant dedication towards these people helped Mr. Milton Dick to win the federal elections.
He has got effective communication skills; during his schooling, he got awarded for his excellent proficiency in the National language, Hindi.


Jimit completed his higher secondary education from Nirman High School and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) from Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Business Administration, Ahmedabad.
For post graduation, he went to Griffith University, Australia and completed his Masters in International Business.

Personal details:-

Birth Date:- 02/11/1992
Father’s name:- Mr. Mukesh Bhagwandas Shah
Father’s occupation:- Government Servant
Mother’s name:- Mrs. Shilpa Mukesh Shah
Nationality:- Indian
Religion:- Hinduism
Cast:- Bania (Vaishnav Vanik)
Marital status:- Married
Blood group:- B+

About Rishers:-

Rishers Impex Pvt Ltd is marketing, consulting and trading company, incorporated in 2016. Jimit shah and Manali shah are equal 50% shareholders and directors of the company. Ms. Vrunda shah is the CEO of the company and Dr. Tapan Sarker is the company’s advisor from Australia. Rishers is a team with a passion for creativity; it believes in the transformative power of illustration and design and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and building your business.